3 Office Fire Hazards You Can Eliminate With Professional Cleaning

A fire outbreak is one of the worst things that can happen to any office building. Fires put lives at risk, destroy expensive equipment, eliminate valuable data and are often very expensive to recover from.

As most office managers know, there are many ways to reduce the risk of fire in the workplace, including regular gas and electricity checks as well as good organisation. However, even if you take these precautions, you may still put your offices at risk if you don't use professional cleaning services.

If you want to make sure your office is as fire-safe as possible, take a look at these three workplace fire hazards caused by poor cleanliness and how regular, professional cleaners can help you eliminate them.

1. Dust Bunnies

No one wants to work in a dusty office. Aside from looking unsightly, dust is known to cause a range of health problems from eye and skin irritation to breathing difficulties and respiratory illness.

However, what many office managers are unaware of is that dust can also be a fire hazard. If dust particles are left to build up near hot places (like heaters) or near electricity sources (like gadgets and power sockets), they may get too hot and ignite. In very dusty areas, a spark can lead to a rapidly spreading fire that quickly consumes the building.

Professional cleaners can eliminate this risk by thoroughly vacuuming and sweeping your whole office. With experience and great attention to detail, a good cleaner can reach places your staff will often miss, ensuring your whole facility is dust-free and more fire-safe.

2. Wastepaper

Another highly flammable material that can lead to office fires is paper — specifically, wastepaper left in rubbish or recycling bins.

In many offices, wastepaper bins are tucked out of the way in corners and against walls. This often puts them close to power outlets, heaters and computer cables. Like dust, wastepaper can quickly catch fire, so it's important not to have too much of it lying around in your office.

Since it's a task no one likes, the emptying of wastepaper bins often gets put off in offices that are cleaned by employees. Thankfully, emptying the bins is a job professional cleaners are happy to take care of. They'll empty your bins every time they're scheduled to clean, reducing your fire risk and keeping your offices tidy.

3. Dirty Computers

Computers have been a staple in office environments for decades, so your facility is likely full of them. Any electronic device can be a fire hazard if cables and components aren't kept in good condition, but looking after the hardware isn't enough to prevent computer fires. You need to keep them clean too.

Over time, a lot of dust builds up in computers; it can be found in their fans, on their screens and in their mouses and keyboards. Just like general office dust bunnies, dust particles in a computer can be a fire risk. The more dust there is in a computer, the hotter it will run and the more likely it is to ignite.

A good professional cleaning company will provide the option of computer cleaning alongside general cleaning services. Clean computers not only reduce your risk of a fire breaking out but also are less likely to harbour germs that lead to employee sick days.

If you're looking for reliable and experienced cleaners, look no further than Comclean. We can keep your offices spotless and free from sanitation-related fire hazards with a range of cleaning services, including IT hygiene. For more information or a quote, don't hesitate to contact Comclean.

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