3 Steps to Improve Your Office Toilet Hygiene

If your employees are grumbling about hygiene in your company's bathroom facilities, then it's time to act. After all, it is your responsibility to provide clean and comfortable toilets at work. Clean toilets mean happier and healthier employees.

If you think your toilets aren't as clean as they should be, follow these three steps to improve them.

1. Assess Your Facilities

Look around all your toilets to determine their condition. This includes the toilets and their cubicles, floors, walls, mirrors, sinks, soap dispensers, dryers and paper towel containers. Toilets shouldn't look or smell nasty. Everything in and around them should work correctly.

While you're in each restroom, check the supplies. Is there enough soap in the dispensers? Are there enough paper towels? Are the bins big enough to hold used towels or are they spilling on to the floor?

It is always ideal to ask the office for advice. Start by putting a survey box in your office. Ask your employees to put notes in the box suggesting how your toilets could be improved. This gives you a different perspective on what might be going wrong in these rooms right now.

2. Formulate a Toilet Etiquette Plan

Some of the problems in your toilets may be caused by the way individuals use them rather than the toilets themselves. This is where a survey box is useful. If any of your employees has a problem with the way other people use the toilets, they'll put a note in the box.

These notes, together with your toilet assessments, tell you if you need to give employees guidance on toilet etiquette. While you don't want to target individuals, a general list of expected behaviour may be useful.

For example, you may need to make some of the following points:

  • It's common courtesy to clean up after yourself when you use a toilet and not to leave mess or smells behind.
  • People should wash and dry their hands thoroughly after using toilets to avoid spreading germs.
  • Throwing paper towels in the direction of a bin is not the same as putting them in the bin.
  • People shouldn't throw anything down the toilet but toilet paper. If you have female workers, toilets should include sanitary bins.

You can put any points you need to make in a general office memo, and leave a laminated copy in each toilet facility.

3. Ask Your Office Cleaners for Input

As well as modifying employee behaviour, have a chat with your office cleaning company about your current problems.

While your cleaners deal with basic issues on a regular basis, you may need to do more to get your toilets in the right condition. For example, if your toilets aren't staying clean for long enough, then it might be time to clean them more regularly. Your employees would also be happy if you ask the cleaning crew to clean door knobs and handles more frequently, too.

Your cleaners may also recommend having your toilets deep cleaned now to cover areas that haven't been dealt with for a while such as walls and ceilings. You can also add a regular deep clean to your future cleaning schedule to keep things looking good.

If supplies are a problem, then your cleaners can also start to check and replenish stocks of soap, toilet paper and paper towels when they clean to make sure your employees don't run out of things they need.

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