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4 Reasons to Have Your Shop's Terrazzo Floor Re-Sealed Regularly

4 Reasons to Have Your Shop's Terrazzo Floor Re-Sealed Regularly

4 Reasons to Have Your Shop's Terrazzo Floor Re-Sealed Regularly

Terrazzo is a classic flooring material. Because it has a unique look that comes in a huge range of different colours, it's been widely used in homes and businesses for a considerable amount of time.

One of the most common places to find terrazzo floors is in retail businesses. The material's sparkling good looks are one of the reasons for its popularity in these establishments, but the fact that it's both hard-wearing and easy to keep clean certainly doesn't hurt.

Because of these useful qualities, terrazzo is sadly often neglected. That neglect can cause a number of problems, especially in the retail field where your business's image really matters. The main maintenance task to remember is the having your terrazzo floors professionally sealed on a regular basis, and here are the reasons why this task is so important.

1. The Sealant Keeps the Flooring Durable

Terrazzo flooring's toughness is due to the fact it's a manufactured material specifically designed to withstand heavy footfall in demanding environments. It's not invincible, however, and has a few weaknesses.

When it's first installed, a terrazzo floor will have a sealant applied that helps protect against some forms of damage. More importantly, it keeps water out.

The exact level of porousness in your terrazzo floor depends on the materials used to make it. However, one thing all of these floors have in common, is that they're porous to some extent. Without a sealed surface to repel water, they'll absorb water and become weak.

Over time, this can lead to serious damage that will be expensive to repair and prevention is the best way to avoid this problem.

2. Sealing Your Floors Makes Your Business Safer

Since you operate a business that's visited by members of the public, you'll already know how important it is to make sure it's a safe place to be. If any customers or any employees are injured, then you're likely to be held responsible.

Slippery floors are a danger that's often underrated, but slipping and falling on a hard floor can cause serious injuries. As the existing sealant wears away, the floor can lose some of its friction, making it increasingly dangerous.

Having your terrazzo floor properly sealed helps you ensure it's a safe surface for all your staff and customers to walk on.

3. Sealing Your Floors Makes It Easier to Clean

It's not the terrazzo material on its own that makes cleaning easy – the sealant helps, too. When your floor isn't sufficiently coated, it won't repel liquids and prevent stains as effectively as it should. This could result in costly stain removal or in entire sections of flooring that will need to be replaced.

This isn't just a cosmetic problem, either. When liquids are able to seep into the floor and are impossible to clean properly, you're not maintaining the levels of hygiene you should. With a well-sealed floor, you'll get extra peace of mind that your business premises are as clean as they can be.

4. Sealing Your Floors Will Help Maintain Its Appearance

Terrazzo flooring consists of pieces of stone or other hard materials set into a substrate. When it's first installed, you'll be left with a smooth, shiny surface, but over time, as the coating wears away, the appearance of the floor can change drastically.

Having a new coating applied brings your flooring back up to a high standard, looking as good as the day it was brand new. This helps your business present the right image to your customers by keeping your shop looking bright, professional and tidy.

At Comclean, we understand how important it is to maintain a safe, clean, beautiful floor. Get in touch with us today if you'd like to discuss your floor sealing needs or get a quote.


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