4 Reasons to Have Your Yoga Studio Professionally Cleaned

As a yoga studio owner, you likely have a small space compared to gyms and larger dance studios. For this reason, you may think that you can handle the cleaning of your yoga studio on your own. The truth is you can for routine, daily cleaning. Daily cleaning doesn't always cut it though. If you want to know why a deep, professional clean on a routine basis would be ideal for your yoga studio, consider these four reasons.

1. Sanitation

One of the biggest issues in most yoga studios is the sweat and humidity. Though most yoga clients use a mat, the mat can only prevent so much. Once the mat is removed, the bacteria and germs from the sweat and the combined humidity may still be in the room, on the floor and on other surfaces.

Keep in mind, what people put into their bodies in the form of food and drink secretes through sweat, and that sweat can come off the mat or the body, causing bacteria and odour.

A professional cleaning routine can sanitise the floor and other surfaces. This process can be done in a number of ways using either traditional cleaning supplies or eco-friendly options.

2. Specialty Floor Cleaning

Most yoga studio floors are made of cork, bamboo or similar material. The type of flooring may not strike you as an issue with cleaning, but these materials generally have a light seal to protect against humidity. This means that too much water, like too much cleaning solution, can break down the seal and cause water damage.

If you do a light cleaning during the week, a professional cleaning routine can ensure that the floor is deep cleaned without hurting the seal and without causing a dull finish. This deep cleaning can help maintain the look and feel of your yoga studio while ensuring the surface your clients are in contact with the most is free of germs or hidden bacteria.

3. Ash Removal

Incense is common in many yoga studios. Incense may be used throughout the day or at specific times for specific yoga classes. For example, you might not use incense during a hot yoga class, but you may use some during a relaxation yoga or prenatal yoga class. The issue comes in with the ash from the incense.

You may think when you wipe up the ash and discard the remains, you have removed all the ash from the area. Unfortunately, the ash can get into the air along with the sticky residue from the oils within the incense. These substances can leave a residue on surfaces and cause your studio to look dingy. Professional cleaners can come in and use supplies that can remove this sticky, ashy residue easily.

4. Mould Removal and Cleaning

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work at cleaning your studio daily or after every class, you may still have areas where humidity builds up. These areas can grow mould and mildew if you are not vigilant. If the mould and mildew take hold, you can end up with allergens that can cause numerous issues for your clients.

As part of the cleaning routine, the cleaning service can include a mould removal service. This is a deep-cleaning option that can help reduce and remove mould and mildew from corners of the room and hard-to-reach or see areas that can harbor humidity. This service can be offered at each cleaning or once a month as needed.

You may be surprised to find that Comclean Australia can help create a routine cleaning schedule that works with your yoga studio hours. If you are ready to find out about pricing and scheduling the first cleaning appointment, contact one of our representatives today.


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