6 Health Benefits of Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

6 Health Benefits of Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Dirty carpets, whether at home or in your office, can affect your health in various ways. And while daily vacuuming is beneficial to your carpets, a vacuum cleaner can't remove the lurking contaminants that might harm your health. The best way to ensure your carpets don't affect your health or the health of your employees or family members is to have them cleaned periodically.

Professional carpet cleaning is beneficial to your health in the following ways.  

1. Eliminates contaminants from pests and animals

Cockroaches thrive throughout Australia, especially German cockroaches. These pests leave their body parts, egg purses and saliva wherever they go. And even if you don't have an infestation in your property, you could still bring in these cockroach contaminants from outside, on your shoes.

And if you have rodents on your property, then your carpets may contain dander, such as hair and skin. Housepets can supply these contaminants as well. You could even bring animal fur, faeces or urine indoors into your carpets from outside. All of these contaminants are bad for your health in numerous ways. For instance, cockroach faeces can cause skin irritation and trigger respiratory allergies.   

2. Removes dust mite infestations

Dust mites go where humans go. If you don't regularly clean your upholstery and carpets, dust mites will begin to infest those areas. And anyone that suffers from skin or respiratory allergies like rhinitis will suffer when exposed to a dust mite infestation. Every time someone walks on a dust mite-infested carpet, they cause dust containing dust mite faeces and body parts to kick up into the air.

3. Gets rid of moisture and prevents mould

If your carpets contain any moisture at all, from spilled drinks or from a leaky window, mould could begin to thrive in them. And if that happens, every time you disturb that area of your carpet, you could unwittingly release mould spores into the air. Not only does mould smell bad, but it can also make you sick if you breathe it in.

4. Removes harmful toxins

As you walk around outside, the soles of your shoes pick up all kinds of harmful toxins, like petrol, cleaning chemicals and insecticides. For office carpets especially, this is a big issue, as the more people in your office, the more toxins your carpets could contain. If these toxins build up in your carpets, and you breathe them in on a daily basis, you could fall ill.

5. Removes bacteria

A study in 2001 found that the average carpet contains about 200,000 bacterial organisms per square inch. Bacteria finds its way into carpets from dropped food, drinks, skin, hair and other biological matter brought in from outside.

Bacteria can be dangerous to anyone on your property, so rely on professional cleaners to get rid of all traces of bacteria.

6. Improves indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is important to your health in many ways. If you inhale pollutants, dust, and dander each time you walk across your carpets, your health may take a hit. Poor air quality is especially bad for people who suffer from asthma, rhinitis and allergies.

Professionally cleaned carpets are contaminant-free, which means you'll be healthier and happier overall.  

Carpets are comfortable, warm, and durable, but they can get dirty quickly. A professional carpet cleaner can make sure that your floors stay clean and safe for everyone who lives in, works at or visits your property. You can contact ComClean Australia to help with your carpet cleaning needs. We'll steam clean your carpets so that you and your family or staff members can enjoy the aforementioned health benefits.

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