8 Problems Professional Cleaners Can Eliminate in Your Office

Cleaning an office might seem like a simple task, but it is anything but. Unless you have up-to-date training in the cleaning industry, you and your staff will likely do a poor job of cleaning your own office. And, without the right equipment and training to use that equipment, you could miss a slew of unpleasant things.

Professional cleaners with the right training and experience can eliminate the following nasty office nightmares easily and efficiently.

1. Smelly mop buckets and mops

Mops and mop buckets can leave your office and corridors smelly and musty. This is because mops and mop buckets often collect odor-producing bacteria as they sit in a dark cupboard somewhere.

Professional cleaners not only know how to use and maintain mops and mop buckets, but they often use machines instead of mops to clean floors. This ensures that you and your staff never have to contend with smelly mops and mop buckets.

2. Dusty carpets, window ledges and shelves

If you or your staff dust your office, the chances are good that you will likely skip the hard-to-reach places, like window ledges, shelves and the tops of air conditioners. But missing these areas will only leave your office smelling musty. Carpets also pick up dust on a daily basis. And if you aren't vacuuming thoroughly each day, staff with allergies will likely suffer.

Professional cleaners target all areas when they dust an office.

3. Cluttered closets, shelves and desks

An office with cluttered shelves, cupboards and storerooms is a place of inefficiency and headaches. Things get lost easily and this slows down the workflow. Professional cleaners can organize your office for you and eliminate unnecessary clutter.

4. Stained and overflowing waste bins

One very unpleasant area of all office environments is the area around a waste bin. These areas abound in germs. Rubbish falls on the floor and food debris land on the bin liner and on the surrounding surfaces. Only a professional cleaner has the right chemicals, equipment and knowhow to sanitize and clean these areas properly.   

5. Germ-ridden handles and buttons

Office environments have an array of handles, buttons and switches, including your front door, bathroom stalls and elevator buttons. And these surfaces pick up germs throughout the day. This can easily spread viruses and bacteria throughout your office environment.

Hiring cleaners to clean as you work will help to keep things like water cooler buttons germ-free.

6. Unpleasant bathroom smells

Office bathrooms need constant attention to remain odor-free. While it's impossible to keep an office bathroom smelling pleasant all day long, regular cleaning by a professional can remove odor-causing bacteria on a regular basis. Cleaners can also keep germ spreaders like taps and doors as germ-free as possible.

7. Food splashes and stains on kitchen walls

In-office kitchens, an unavoidable occurrence is food splashes on walls and surfaces. If not cleaned up immediately, these splashes of food can attract germs. Some of those germs will be dangerous to your staff if they touch those areas while using your kitchen. Plus, these stains look unprofessional.

Office cleaners can remove food splashes from walls, tables, chairs and floors to ensure the kitchen environment is clean and germ-free.

8. Dirty patches under desks, chairs and equipment

If you and your staff do your own cleaning, you probably don't have time to get to the dark and forgotten areas underneath and behind furniture. But these areas, such as under desks and photocopiers, also harbor germs, dust and rubbish.

Professional cleaners can clean up these areas during non-office hours. This will ensure that these areas don't become dust and germ pits that cause your staff to fall sick.

A clean office is a happy and productive place. If you have yet to hire professional cleaners for your office, then contact Comclean today. Our cleaners are fully trained in office cleaning techniques, and they leave no stone unturned when cleaning your office rooms, surfaces and equipment.


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