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8 Ways That Hiring Cleaners Can Benefit Your Supermarket

8 Ways That Hiring Cleaners Can Benefit Your Supermarket

8 Ways That Hiring Cleaners Can Benefit Your Supermarket

Cleanliness in retail stores and supermarkets is more important than ever before. In a post-COVID world, retail customers will be more conscious of cleanliness and hygiene.

If you have yet to hire cleaners for your supermarket, discover some important reasons why you might consider doing so.

1. To keep your entryways clean and free of debris

The entrance to your supermarket is the point of entry for dirt and germs, not just customers. If the entryway is dirty, then your customers will pick up that dirt and bring it into your store. Cleaners can wipe and clean all handles; shake out, vacuum and clean all mats; and clean the area directly in front of your supermarket too.

2. To clean your floors and remove all obstacles and objects

Dirty floors will put customers off walking around your store. And dirty floors can cause trip and slip accidents. Professional cleaners are trained to clean floors and also seal them to give them better protection against staining, damage and dirt brought in from outside. Cleaners can also polish your floors to leave them looking clean as well as visually appealing.

3. To clean away the grime and germs from your windows

Your windows give your customers a chance to view your supermarket and your products before they enter. If your windows are dirty, this can obscure your customers' view and give them a bad impression of your store. Germs also build up on windows throughout the day. Professional cleaners can clean your windows before you open each day and leave them dirt- and germ-free.

4. To ensure that your shelves and products are free of dust and dirt

In a bustling supermarket, dust congregates quickly. Much of this dust builds up on your shelves and products if not removed each day. And with customers touching your products constantly, germs can spread if you don't clean and dust your shelves. Cleaners will dust your shelves and clean away any visible dirt that might discourage your customers from shopping in your store.

5. To keep your hand sanitizer dispensers filled

Hand sanitizer is likely to become a feature of all retail stores after COVID. Customers want to feel safe and clean while they look for the products they need. Cleaners can ensure that your hand sanitizer dispensers are full when you open each day.

6. To ensure your air quality is good

Air quality is also now more important than ever. A stuffy supermarket can leave masked customers struggling to catch their breath. Cleaners can check and clean your air conditioner filters and keep airborne dust in your supermarket to a minimum.

7. To help keep pest infestations at bay

One of the biggest problems supermarkets face is pest invasion. Pests such as cockroaches are more likely to infest supermarkets that have poor or inadequate cleaning practices. And those pests can then infest your customers’ homes if they carry them home in packaging and vegetable products.

Using professional cleaners to clean all areas of your store before you open each day will help to keep pests at bay.

8. To free up time that your staff might otherwise spend cleaning

If your supermarket is dusty and dirty, then your staff will likely spend some of their time cleaning. This will give them less time to assist your customers and keep the store running in an orderly fashion. Cleaners can free up time for your retail staff.

Is your supermarket clean and safe enough for your customers? Call Comclean today, and we'll tell you how our extensive experience, resources and highly trained staff can provide a valuable retail cleaning service for your supermarket.