A Clean and Comfortable Cinema: Why Cinemas Need Professional Cleaners

Did you know that since the year 2000, 69 percent of Australians have visited a cinema at least once per year? That's good news for cinema chains and owners. However, when the lights go down and the movie starts, your patrons aren't the only visitors enjoying themselves. Germs are also regular visitors to cinemas since they often accompany people on their travels throughout the day.

That's why it's important that you hire professionals to clean your cinema as often as possible. If germs hitch a ride in and out of cinemas every day, very few surfaces will be germ-free.

Thousands of bacteria live on hands

Even if a cinemagoer has travelled straight to your cinema from their home, they will still have touched multiple surfaces on their way there. For example, if they drove to your cinema, they would touch their steering wheel and their car parking meter — along with thousands of other drivers. And if they used public transport, they will have touched multiple surfaces before arriving.

In fact, according to a study carried out in Colorado, US, the average person's hands are home to at least 3,000 bacterial organisms from over 100 different species. On a busy day, such as a Saturday, your cinema could be teeming with bacteria.

Bacteria cause outbreaks of flu and colds

During peak influenza and cold periods, it's important that you keep the surfaces in your cinema as clean as possible. Since hundreds or thousands of people will be coming and going on a daily basis, the surfaces in your cinema could contribute to local outbreaks.

Your customers can't help but touch the cup holders, seats, arm and head rests and doors as they prepare to watch the incoming movie.

Not everyone washes their hands properly

When a patron is engrossed in an exciting movie and they need to go to the toilet, will they wash their hands properly or at all? You don't need a study — though there are many — to tell you that many people don't wash their hands correctly after going to the toilet. And since germs abound in toilets, your patrons will likely carry germs to and from your toilets during movies.

One common way that germs like E.coli, as well as faecal matter, make it into cinema halls is via the plume of mist that arises from flushing the toilet. That plume contains germs and faecal matter. This means anyone that stands next to the toilet after they flush will carry the plume's contents into the movie theatre with them.

Shoes carry contaminants and germs

The floors in your cinema will also be home to contaminants and germs. As people walk around outside, their shoes pick up all manner of particles. For example, once a patron has parked their car, they may then walk through a pool of petrol, food debris, or animal faeces. Not only do these items give off bad odours, but they also encourage bacterial growth.

If you don't want your cinema to smell unpleasant, hire cleaners to ensure your carpets are clean each evening or morning.

Body odour can leave seats smelling unpleasant

Unfortunately, you can't control body odour. As a result, if one of your patrons comes into your cinema sweating heavily, some of that sweat may seep into their seat. This will leave that seat smelling of body odour and thus put patrons off sitting there during future screenings. However, regular professional cleaning will ensure that body odour doesn't render your seats smelly.

Are your cinema screening rooms in need of cleaning? Do you wish to provide your patrons with a clean and safe environment in which to enjoy a good film? Then get professional cleaning service from Comclean, and together we'll ensure your customers leave your cinema satisfied and in high spirits.


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