Benefits of Professional Cleaning for Dance Studios

Dance studios may seem like they should be easy places to keep clean. However, without professional cleaning, a dance studio can quickly become unsanitary and unsafe. Here are a few key benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company instead of trying to clean your dance studio yourself.

1. Hygiene

If your dance class schedule includes classes where students dance in their bare feet, you need to keep the floor clean. Professional cleaners can sanitise the dance floor, reducing the spread of skin diseases such as athlete's foot, so your students can practice free from fear of catching an infection.

2. Safety

Spills and sticky spots on dance floors can be dangerous. Powder or dust on the floor can cause students to slip, which can lead to serious injury. A sticky floor is just as bad, as it prevents students from being able to spin or pivot quickly. Trying to spin on a sticky floor can lead to ankle or knee pain, as the foot is not able to keep pace with the rotation of the body.

Professional cleaners can deep clean the dance floor, keeping it free from sticky or slippery patches. This allows dancers to move safely and effortlessly over the floor.

3. Protection for the Dance Floor

Floor manufacturers often make dance studio floors from specialist materials, such as wood or bamboo. The floor manufacturers often seal these types of floors against moisture, but mopping the floor with too much liquid can break the seal and do irreparable damage to the floor. Therefore, you need to be very careful about using the right cleaning products and techniques to clean your dance floor.

Professional cleaners can deep clean the floor without using excessive liquid, therefore keeping the seal intact. Between professional cleanings, you can carry out a lighter maintenance cleaning to keep the floor perfectly clean for all your classes.

4. Protection for Dance Equipment

Many dances require special shoes. For example, ballroom dancers usually wear suede-soled shoes that allow them to glide across the floor, while tap dancers wear shoes with metal on the soles to create a noise when they tap their heels or toes. Meanwhile, ballet dancers use delicate slippers, sometimes with reinforced toes to allow the dancers to go en pointe. These specialist shoes often cost a lot of money, so dancers are understandably keen to protect them.

Dancing on a sticky or dirty floor can damage the delicate suede on the soles on many dance shoes. To protect your students' shoes and make them feel comfortable using their best shoes in your dance studio, invest in regular professional cleaning.

5. Mould and Mildew Prevention

Dance studios are often warm and humid environments. While you should keep the studio warm to keep your students' muscles supple, this environment has the disadvantage of being a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms.

If you do not keep your dance studio perfectly clean, you might start to notice mould or mildew starting to appear on the walls. Professional cleaning companies offer mould removal services for dance studios. This will get rid of the mould, even in hard-to-reach areas such as high on the walls or on the ceiling.

Once a cleaning company has removed the mould, you need to keep the dance studio clean to prevent the mould coming back. Regular professional cleaning can help you achieve this goal.

If you need help keeping your dance studio pristine, get in touch with Comclean Australia today. We can work with you to come up with a cleaning schedule that does not disrupt your dance class timetable. Contact us today to discuss your needs and budget.


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