How Going Green With Professional Cleaning Helps the Environment

How Going Green With Professional Cleaning Helps the Environment

You've likely seen or heard them in the news — reports natural disasters across the world that are impacting the earth and its inhabitants. Most recently, the fires burning in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil have sparked global attention and made individuals and businesses alike rethink their impact on the environment.

Regardless of what kind of business you own in Australia, you can have a positive influence on Mother Nature. Below, we discuss how choosing a professional cleaning organisation that emphasises green cleaning can aid your efforts to help the environment.

Keep Water Sources Clean

Australia is no stranger to beautiful, clear water — after all, it's surrounded by miles and miles of blue ocean. But the cleaning agents and chemicals used in homes and businesses are changing that aquatic ecosystem. They're also impacting fresh sources that bring water into the cities and settlements across the country.

Cleaning agents enter the water supply in some pretty common ways. For example, when you wash dishes in your office break room, use a dishwasher, clean your toilets or wash your floors, the water, and therefore the chemicals used to clean, go down the nearest drain. 

While the water routes to a treatment facility before it's flushed back into the municipal water supply or into natural sources such as rivers, not all chemicals contained within the water can be removed. Over time, those compounds can build up into strong enough concentrations that people, animals and wildlife are affected.

Green chemicals, on the other hand, don't pose this kind of risk to water sources, which that the water won’t adversely affect anyone or anything that comes into contact with it.

Preserve Wildlife

Another side effect of contaminated water sources is that they can damage animal and plant life. According to Blue & Green Tomorrow, some chemical compounds that remain in treated water can actually accelerate plant growth.

Normally, this effect might seem like a benefit more than a detriment. But if that growth continues too quickly, the vegetation becomes too dense for animals that live or eat in the area. 

Additionally, that plant life will decay in mass quantities and emit equally massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As the C02 levels increase, so does climate change. Temperatures rise and rain patterns are adversely affected, which also impacts how quickly wildlife regenerates.

Again, using green cleaning products, though a small step, can reduce the risk of overgrown vegetation, lowered animal life and increased climate change.

Decrease Raw Material Use

Opting for a professional cleaning service that uses green cleaning products also offers another environmental benefit. It allows you to decrease how much raw material you use and increase how much you recycle. 

Green cleaning products are packaged carefully and thoughtfully, and the products are distributed and used to benefit the environment most. That is, the packaging doesn't use the same raw materials as traditional cleaners.

Instead of relying on petroleum to make a hard-to-recycle plastic container, green cleaning products are packaged in a container made from more recyclable components that can be more easily repurposed for future packaging.

As a result, the strain on natural resources and on nature is lessened because there is greater demand for green products made in a conscious manner.

Positive changes to the global environment will take time and participation from millions of individuals. However, by opting for green professional cleaning services (in addition to recycling more in the office and reducing paper usage), you can help start the cycle for many other people. Get in touch with the team at Comclean to schedule your cleaning services and start benefiting the environment around you.

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