How to Make Your Office Attract the Best Employees

How to Make Your Office Attract the Best Employees

Recruiting new employees for your office can be difficult at the best of times, so you need to do all you can to make your job positions attractive to applicants. One helpful step is to make your office more attractive to prospective talent.

Creating the right office environment is a tactic that even the most desirable of employers use today. Apple, for example, built their 150-acre workspace to set a standard for their future employees. Likely, your office doesn't have the same scale, impact or budget as Apple HQ does to attract great employees.

However, here are three simple, affordable tips to ensure your office doesn't turn away applicants at the door.

Create Different Working Zones

Everyone works differently. Some people work best in quieter spaces where they can concentrate, while others get amazing work done in areas where they can chat and collaborate. Having employees with a variety of work styles is key in taking your business to the next level, but how can you accommodate them all in one office?

The trick is to create different working zones. Whether you assign different spaces to different rooms or divide one open plan office with furniture and décor, the ideal office should have eight zones:

  1. A quiet zone for focused work
  2. An open zone for communication
  3. A meeting zone for conferencing and workshops
  4. An informal zone for short, spontaneous tasks
  5. A break zone to recharge between work
  6. A resource zone for equipment storage
  7. A private zone for confidential talks
  8. Interzone corridors for refocusing and reactivating between tasks

Even if you don't have the space for that many zones, creating as many different atmospheres as you can will show employees that their work style is appreciated and catered to, reassuring them that they'll fit right in at your company.

Bring In Motivating Décor

If you’ve run an office for a long time, you might have heard disparaging comments about this line of work over the years. If your industry is interesting and the work you give your staff is engaging, this can be disheartening. Of course, people might think this way if your office is filled with white walls, grey carpets and desk clutter.

Making your décor more motivating is a great way to set yourself apart from competitors, making prospective employees actively want to work for your company.

You can decorate your space in many ways in a way that inspires talent. One great option is to bring in more colour with feature walls or bright furniture. Another effective décor idea is including more plants, which organisation psychologists say is key to making workspaces more attractive to applicants.

Keep Your Office Clean

Design isn't the only factor that influences your office's appeal, nor is it the most important one. Above all else, if you want to attract top talent to your open roles, you need to keep your office spick and span.

A large percentage of people consider office cleanliness when deciding whether they should accept a job offer. People can take a dirty, messy environment as a reflection of the company itself. Prospective employees see disorganisation in the office and assume day-to-day operations are just as disorganised, putting them off working for the company.

To avoid alienating great staff you'd love to have working for you, ensure your office is clean at all times. In particular, pay attention to kitchens, bathrooms and break areas, as these are places where cleanliness is key. Caring about the state of your office shows you care about your business and the employees who work for it.

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