Why Clean Windows Matter to Your Business

When you think about the cleaning needs of your business, you're most likely thinking about keeping the interiors spotless. After all, that's where your employees spend their days and customers or clients will be welcomed.

There's another important part of cleaning that shouldn't be neglected, though, and that's your windows. One of the reasons window cleaning sometimes gets forgotten is that the dirt and grime isn't always obvious until you look at the glass up close, but leave it long enough and you'll certainly notice it.

There are a number of reasons you should get your building's windows cleaned regularly, and while some of them immediately make sense, others might surprise you.

Presenting the Right Image

When customers, clients or potential business associates visit your premises, they make a snap judgement on what they think of your company. A lot of factors come into this impression, like the way they're greeted and how your employees look. But even before they get inside the building, people will see the exterior.

If you're used to seeing the building every day, you might not notice when the windows are dirty, but people who are less familiar with it certainly will. Grubby windows create an overall appearance of unprofessionalism, and that's before you've even had the chance to consciously make a good impression.

Keeping your windows clean should be an integral part of how your business presents itself to the world. Even members of the public passing by will notice the way your building looks and form judgements. Don't let those judgements be negative ones.

Keeping Employees Happy

The people working inside your building all day are critical to your success, and their mental wellbeing is a huge part of how well they perform. Keeping staff happy and productive is a big task and anything you can do to make a difference is worthwhile.

Natural light is incredibly important to human mental health, and it's important that people are exposed to it during the day where possible. Dirty windows mean less light getting through, and even small amounts of grime can make a difference to how bright and cheerful your workplace is.

On top of that, when people are working in the same room all day, they start to notice patches of dirt and smudges on the glass of windows. This can become a distraction and adds to unpleasant feelings people associate with work.

If you have clean, sparkling windows, the workplace is generally a nicer place to be and people will notice your efforts in maintaining a positive image.

Protecting Against Damage

Repairs to windows and frames are expensive, so if you can prevent damage before it gets serious, you can save money in the long run.

A build-up of dirt means you're also more likely to have mould, which, in turn, means moisture. Over time, this will lead to damaged window frames and potentially costly repairs. In addition, a lack of cleanliness can disguise slight damage, so you won't notice those small cracks or chips until they become a bigger problem.

By having your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you help prevent them from being damaged and you reveal any problems that would otherwise be hidden. In most cases, minor damage is easy to repair or can be stopped before it needs any major work. This also helps you keep that professional, clean image that's so important to a business.

Whether you're a small-scale retailer or based in a large, multi-level office block, we can keep your windows bright, clear and beautiful, inside and out. Contact us to find out more about scheduling regular high-quality cleaning for all your building's windows.


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