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How to Get an Effective End-of-Lease Clean

How to Get an Effective End-of-Lease Clean

When you move out of your rented house, you have some cleaning work to do. You have to hand the property over in the same clean state it was in when you moved in. Sometimes, under the conditions of your lease, you have to steam clean carpets.

This last clean-up is important; it affects the amount of bond money you get back. What's the best way to manage your end-of-lease cleaning?

Plan Ahead

You won't know exactly how big a cleaning job you have on your hands until you look at your home with your cleaning hat on. So, before you even start packing, walk around your house and make a checklist of things that need cleaning before you move.

Some of this is obvious. For example, you know you need to leave your kitchen and bathroom in good shape and that you should run your vacuum over the floors before you move.

For a really effective clean, look a little deeper. Have you had spills in your kitchen cupboards that you've not got around to cleaning up?  Have your kids left marks on walls?  Is your garage full of cobwebs?

You may want to get a second opinion from someone who doesn't live in the house. Ask a relative or friend to look around with you. They may spot things that you don't see because you're used to them being there.

Once you have a checklist, you know the scope of the job. Make another list of the cleaning materials you might need to buy. You can then decide how to tackle the cleaning job.

Choose a Cleaning Schedule

You can approach your DIY end-of-lease cleaning in a few different ways. The one you choose often depends on how much time you have before and after the move.

Staggered Cleaning

You can stagger your cleaning across a number of days or even weeks. Allocate time, maybe even a little every day, to clean something on your checklist. This approach often works well if you won't have access to the house after you move out.

So, you could start with the smaller jobs like cleaning out kitchen cupboards and drawers, wiping window sills and dusting light fittings. This deals with those fiddly jobs you might not have time for later. Or you could clean on a room-by-room basis as you pack.

Then, just before you move, you do the big basic jobs, like cleaning work surfaces and vacuuming all your floors.

One-Shot Cleaning

If you don't have time to clean in short, regular bursts, then you could simply leave all the cleaning until the day of your move. This also works well if you still have access to your home for a day or so after you move out.

Some people prefer this approach because they have clear access all over the house. Their furniture and possessions aren't in the way.

If you're really pushed for time or just dislike cleaning, then think about hiring an end-of-lease cleaning company. They can come in towards the end of your move or straight after it and do all the work for you.

This is a particularly useful solution if you have nagging doubts that you can get your house in an acceptable state to get all your bond back. For example, you may have cleaning needs that you aren't sure you can handle in time.

ComClean Australia's end-of-lease cleaning services are here to help. We understand exactly what an end-of-lease cleaning involves, and our cleaning teams can do the job quickly and professionally, giving you the best chance of getting your bond back.

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