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Thorough Commercial Cleaning in Leichhardt

Trained and experienced cleaners rendering the most thoroughgoing cleaning service ever – right here in Leichhardt.
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Leichhardt – just about five kilometres from the vibrant Central Business District of Sydney, it is a neighbourhood that has some commercial flavour to itself. Thronged by commercial outlets and residential buildings, Leichhardt is home to several professionals from various creative fields.
Of all attractions in Leichhardt, there is one that you could use today if you are looking for a commercial cleaning service. Comclean is a long-established cleaning service that undertakes cleaning projects for all kinds of commercial establishments. From compact offices to high-rise buildings, and from retail spaces to industrial and factory floors, we have the right tools and the right set of skills to provide you unparalleled cleaning service.

We have been in the commercial cleaning business for more than 18 years and our expertise covers all types of cleaning requirements. We keep up with the growing demands by regularly training ourselves on the latest cleaning methods and by learning the usage of new cleaning products and equipment. Be it a routine clean-up or a deep clean requirement, Comclean can get it done as you like it.

Commercial Cleaning – The Pros of Hiring The Pros

Here are some reasons why you need to hire a commercial cleaner

Safe Work Environment

A clean and tidy work environment ensures the health, safety, and happiness of your employees. Hiring cleaners to frequently dust and disinfect surfaces reduces the risk of allergies and the spread of illnesses in the workplace, which in turn reduces incidences of sick leaves ad absenteeism.

Cleaning of Top-Notch Quality

When it comes to top-quality cleaning, Our professional cleaners will do call we can to make an impression and maintain the standards. A professional cleaner is kept up to date on latest advances in cleaning technology, using all the best options out there to ensure that the job is done effectively and efficiently.

A Wide Range of Services

With a professional commercial cleaner, you will get a wide range of specialised services like wall cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, cleaning of the curtains, blinds, and upholstery etc. Professional commercial cleaners can also clean and sanitise IT equipment and other touchpoints like the lift buttons, doorknobs, light switches etc.

Cleaners – The Back-Up Exterminators

After an extermination job, there are chances that the pests and rodents that you drove away will return. Effective cleaning by professional cleaners will make sure that these unwanted creatures do not come back. They clean every nook and every corner of your premises and get rid of all their remnants making your place completely pest-free.

 Enhanced Efficiency

A clean and clutter-free working environment creates a sense of motivation amongst employees. It will be much easier to focus on the job instead of getting distracted by their surroundings. A clean workplace makes the establishment appear more respectable and dignified, which in turn influences the moods of your employees.

Why Comclean?

Comclean is one of the most reliable commercial cleaning services in Leichhardt. Read on to see why you should choose us over the other cleaners in the city.

 Our Commitment to Quality

Comclean Commercial Cleaning comes with a promise of quality. We abide by every quality standard and focus on the utmost customer satisfaction. Be it a humble office space or a high-rise, a factory floor or a supermarket, our cleaning goes beyond just sparkly surfaces. We reach the nooks and crevices to clear them of any dirt or pest residue. We are also available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, especially for industrial cleaning.

 Huge Range of Services

As a longstanding commercial cleaning company, Comclean offers the whole gamut of cleaning services. We provide general cleaning, office cleaning, retail cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, industrial cleaning and high-rise cleaning. We also provide specialised cleaning services like commercial carpet cleaning, window cleaning, toilet and bathroom cleaning, leisure cleaning, IT hygiene, high-pressure water cleaning and more.

Experienced and Trained Staff

Our highly efficient cleaning staff is well-trained in all cleaning methods. Trained in general cleaning procedures, we are also aware of special cleaning methods for special surfaces. We have a good understanding of the kinds of surface sealers to be used on marble floors, granite floors and terrazzo tiles. We also know how to clean the different types of factory surfaces – concrete, steel, brick, etc. Our team recognises the different needs and requirements of each business and ensures that the job is completed to 100% satisfaction.

Safety Compliant Procedures

Comclean considers the safety of our staff and clients. We make sure the products used are safe and non-toxic. We comply with the safety guidelines prescribed for Australia’s cleaning industry. Working across industries in various kinds of premises, we have a good understanding of the potential safety risks and what kinds of equipment are best used in such places.

Tailored Solutions

With a deep knowledge of the different types of surfaces and the variegated workspaces, we at Comclean, have the expertise to work out solutions that will be most effective for you. We speak to our clients and understand their requirements and expectations. This helps us curate the best cleaning packages to give you the best outcome that fit your budget and needs.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

At Comclean, we recognise the importance eco friendly cleaning. Our ‘Green Cleaning’ approach involves using only bio-degradable cleaning chemicals, vacuum cleaners with a 72 dba noise level and one-micron filters. All our electrical equipment is tested and tagged.

Commercial Cleaning at Its Best in Leichhardt

Comclean Commercial Cleaning is one of the leading professional cleaning service across all industries. We ensure that our customers receive the most bang for their buck through our cost-effective and time-efficient service. All of our friendly team members are also verified and have undergone police checks and carry blue cards. For an ultimate cleaning service that are best in the business, call Comclean Commercial Cleaning Leichhardt!
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