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Privacy Policy

Comclean recognises the importance of protecting any personal information we collect from customers and any potential customers. This privacy policy sets out our obligation and commitment to the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988. This policy identifies what information we collect and how we collect it and includes our contact details in case you have any concerns or wish to make changes to the information we may hold about you. Comclean Australia works hard to secure and protect any information we hold about our customers or potential customers. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the Privacy Policy, Comclean can be contacted via email at info@comcleanaustralia.com.au.

What personal information do we collect?
"Personal information" is information we hold which is identifiable as being about you the customer or visitor.
The main purpose for the information we collect is the purposes of providing cleaning goods and services. We may collect some information when you visit our website, online or over the phone transactions or enquiries (online, over the phone or in person) and these are detailed below;

Information that we collect may from time to time be stored, processed in or transferred between
parties located in countries outside of Australia.

For any general enquiries about obtaining any cleaning services we usually will ask for your business name, name person calling, contact details including phone number, contact address and email address.

Information We May Collect (online, over the phone or in person)
For the purposes of providing quality goods and services Comclean may ask for the following information Through our website contact, via email, over the phone or in person. We will request information such as your business name, ABN, contact names, contact phone number, address (delivery and billing), email addresses, credit card details and other credit check information, details as outlined in forms you receive from us, changes to your details, detailed information for feedback and customer complaints .Additionally, we may also collect any other information you provide while interacting with us for the purposes of providing the requested goods and services.
You can choose to withhold certain information but this may reduce what goods and services we can provide.
Email communication: At times, we may send an email with a confirmation that it has been delivered or opened if your computer supports such capabilities.
If you wish for Comclean to remove any information we hold about you after the completion of providing goods and services please contact us at info@comcleanaustralia.com.au. Please be aware though we may need to keep some information for certain periods that cover the warranty of the Equipment or else the warranty will be void if we have no information of that transaction.

For one of services for we use PayPal for payments by credit card or your PayPal account your card details are not viewed by Comclean or any other person at the time during the online transaction. These details are essential to process payment of purchase or hire of equipment and are encrypted and passed directly to the bank?
For one off services phone payments, we will request your card details to make the direct payment into PayPal, once this payment has been approval we will appropriately destroyed any credit card details.

Website traffic data
Comclean collects general website traffic data for use in website maintenance and improvements as well informing us how many people and how often different pages are being viewed as this helps us determine our customer’s needs and interests and if we need to make changes to improve our website experience.

Website data collection
Any information that we collect such as reviews or comments is used to improve our website and products for the future

General site traffic data 
Information is also collected for the purpose of site maintenance and improvement and provides information about which and how often certain pages are viewed. This helps us to understand what sorts of products our customers are interested in, and alerts us to any areas of the site that may be difficult to navigate.

Why Comclean collects certain information?
All the information Comclean collects for the purposes of;
  1. Providing customers with goods and services on a regular or one-off basis which include any follow up customer service required for an order
  2. Promoting the goods and services we provide
  3. Liaising with our customers and visitors who request information
  4. Improving our website for customers and visitors
  5. Comply with our legal obligations
Who do we disclose your personal information to outside of Comclean?
  • We only disclose information that is necessary to provide goods and services to our customers which may include internet service providers, website and IT developers and technical support, couriers, payment processes (e.g. PayPal) and survey software companies.
  • If required by law with the relevant government departments or regulators
  • If you default from your service agreement we may need to release some personal details to legal advisors or debt collection agencies
We do not share, sell, rent or disclosure personal information other than described in this privacy policy

How do we hold your information?
Comclean hold all its information in electronic and hardcopy format. We take all reasonable steps to ensure all information we hold in any form is secure and safe from any unauthorised access and when information is no longer required it is destroyed in a safe and secure manner.

Accessing information held about myself
If you want to know what information Comclean holds about you please email info@comcleanaustralia.com.au to request what you would like to know and we will provide this within a reasonable timeframe.

Incorrect customer Information
If you believe any of the information we hold on you is incorrect please contact us via email on info@comcleanaustralia.com.au and request the information you would like to have changed.

Links to other sites
At times, the Comclean website will contain links to other sites which could be from either Australia or overseas. Comclean bears no responsibility for the data protection, privacy or security of these sites and advise users to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of each individual site before use.

Security of personal information
Comclean ensures any information collected is safely and securely stored whether electronic or hard copies. We ensure the following
  • Restrict access to personal information to only those required to provide the goods and service or information you request
  • Ensure our information technology prevents unauthorised access and is backup
  • When any personal information is no longer required for record purposes this information is securely destroyed

Other information we collect
To improve our business and customer service Comclean collects cookies which may be placed onto customer and visitor’s computer or device if the device is set up to allow cookies. This helps us analyse our web traffic.
The website domain may issue a cookie to the client.
Cookies, when issued by the website domain, are used to preserve some variables across requests. For example, cookies are used to verify that when a security code (such as “squiggly numbers”) are entered, that they have been submitted by the same browser as the website is expecting.
Cookies, when issued by the website domain, are not used to track clients, users, anyone or anything. Cookies, when issued by the website domain, expire after 8 days.
You can change your settings to decline cookies in your web browser settings, however in doing so may not give the full functionality of our website. The information we collect is de-identified and only used for data analysis.
Comclean’s website uses the following cookies;
  • Google Analytics:
  • Google AdWords:
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

If you would like to make a complaint and think that Comclean has breached the Australia Privacy Principals in anyway please contact us directly by email at info@comcleanaustralia.com.au or in writing to Unit 2/2960 Logan Road, Underwood, QLD 4119. We will review any complaint and respond promptly in writing to notify what we will do in response to your complaint. If you are not satisfied in our response to the complaint you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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