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Industrial Cleaning Services - Servicing Across Australia

Comclean Australia provides industrial cleaning services for all types of industries.

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Factory Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning Services

From Builders Site cleans to factory cleaning services, we can provide industrial cleaning services that meet your requirements.

Our industrial cleaners are available to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week - any time of day or night.

We ensure your staff have a clean, safe working environment and choose Comclean Australia to do the job right.

Industrial Cleaning Company Servicing Across Australia

We have been in this Industrial cleaning services market for more than ten years. We ensure that Australian industries work with ease.

Trusted Industrial Cleaning Services 

Our industrial Cleaners have years of experience. They are well trained and highly knowledgeable within all cleansing practices and procedures attributed to the particular types of clients we provide. We have experienced most aspects involving cleaning and can provide the best industrial cleaning services for your business in the most effective and economically - conscious manner possible. We take great pride in our work, and we're very motivated for our clean projects, and we don't stop until our cleanup is done! Every client's needs and concerns differ depending on their business. We discuss the best possible options with you that are necessary to fully meet your needs. Within each tier, we provide different solutions which we can tailor.

Our approach To Keep Your Industry Clean 

Comclean offers a structured, customised industrial cleaning solution. Facilities optimisation management practices use data-based decisions for predictive maintenance and real-time localisation to gain greater efficiency and the best clean outcomes. We're ready for you and your business to change with our commitment.


Our proven safety management systems are safe and effective and meet all industry requirements.

Comclean industrial cleaning company has highly trained specialists who can use industrial high-speed, high-speed water vacuuming in tight spaces, confined spaces, and heights. Our system of safety management has proven to be safe and effective and meet current industry demands. We carefully assess and rate each task to plan, implement and evaluate measures to eliminate risks. Our staff are highly experienced in understanding and following detailed Job Safety and Environmental Assessments to ensure the integrity of job operations.

We service all types of industrial needs.

Comclean industrial cleaning services use technology and processes for cleaning concrete, steel, concrete and laid cement factory floors, brick walls and concrete and colour-bond walls. In a significant number of modern work environments, safety requires sterile cleanliness and hygiene.
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