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Office Cleaning Services - Servicing Across Australia

If you are an owner looking for reliable, professional office cleaning services, you're at the Right Place. We are Certified and Insured.

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Professional Office Cleaning Services Australia

Comclean office building cleaning services are unmatched. They will bring sparkle and beauty to your property and help you make an excellent first impression when new visitors or customers walk up to you. We eliminate stress and worry from office commercial cleaning and go back to the job to achieve your satisfaction and provide immaculate property every time. We know how important living and working in a clean and tidy residence is. Hence, we are proud to consider ourselves as one of Australia's leading office cleaning companies! Our office building cleaning services make the first impression any time a client enters their Business.

Office Cleaning Company Australia

Our commitment to quality as an office cleaning company has allowed us to achieve and retain the highest accredited standards of cleaning certification of our services. In addition, we aim to drive innovation through a sustainable environment and resource Optimisation across different sectors and industries.

Thousands of Australian businesses every day trust our Commercial and Office Cleaning Services.

Comclean Australia is a company that prides itself on providing the best office cleaning services in Australia. Comclean, professional teams have always arrived in person and will be friendly. Our professional office cleaners will ensure that your premises are free of germs and other invisible menaces.

Office Building Cleaning Services

We offer complete office cleaning services for your Business. Our professional office cleaning service keeps your Business running smoothly both inside and outside. If areas of your Business need attention, use our services.

Services We Offer

ComClean Australia offers many office cleaning services for businesses across Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. We use hospital-grade disinfectants and advanced equipment. All our cleaners in our cleaning crew are experienced office cleaners and bring years of quality cleaning skills with them. Here are all our services for you to consider.

Retail Cleaning

With thousands of people streaming through your retail store and high traffic areas every day, retail cleaning services are essential. We offer affordable cleaning services for a wide range of retail stores and locations, providing an exceptional cleaning service that keeps floors, racks, changing rooms and surfaces looking as good as new to maintain your retail store's reputation.

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services are designed for regular Business and cover many industries. Whether you need a commercial office cleaner for a deep clean or satisfy the office manager, we provide the answers. We promise excellent service that is wrapped up efficiently in a few hours, ready for your employees to come back to the office in the morning.

End Of Lease Cleaning

If the end of your lease is approaching, you want to leave the property as you found it. Our professional office cleaning services are fully insured and will carry out direct communication with you to understand precisely what you need from our cleaning service. We will clean the property in a timely manner that is more effective compared to other cleaning companies, ensuring you fulfil the policies outlined in your lease contract.

Office Cleaning Services

From door handles to deep cleaning that meets specific cleaning requirements, our office cleaning service is one of the most popular in Australia. As professional cleaners, we understand how to provide high-quality office cleaning results that have left every business owner satisfied with our performance and happy to recommend to peers within our wide range of service locations.

Office Carpet Cleaning

As commercial cleaners, our office carpet cleaning is well-known. Years of dust, stains, and dirt tracked in from outside can affect the carpet's colour and texture. We offer a deep carpet cleaning service to make the fabric as good as new.

Industrial Cleaning

From construction and builders cleaning to heavy-duty industrial demands, there is no job that is too large to handle. We have experience in factory cleaning and manufacturing cleaning, which will maintain safety and protection during the workday.

Window Cleaning

Let the sunshine through your windows and help your employees get all the benefits from natural light with our window cleaning service. Our high satisfaction guarantee and effective cleaning products will brighten up your commercial space, making it the most enjoyable place to be.

General Cleaning

Our general commercial cleaning services cover everything you would expect from a professional commercial cleaning company. We approach the general cleaning demands like we would any other service and ensure your commercial premises are suitable for the first day or welcome employees back to the office after a break or remote working policy.

Bathroom & Toilet Cleaning

We carry out intensive cleaning for the toilet and bathroom to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in areas where transmission could increase. Our deep cleaning service meets all requirements to improve hygiene and make the area safe for employees and visitors alike, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

IT Hygiene

IT hygiene is often ignored, but the number of germs and bacteria that can fester on your keyboard, laptop,s tablet, and other pieces of technology is astounding. We use tech-safe cleaning equipment to ensure your professional office remains safe while adhering to the cleaning requirements you expect from a quality commercial cleaning service.

Leisure Cleaning

All your leisure cleaning needs are met, from COVID-19 protection and decontamination to deep cleaning. Our leisure commercial cleaning service is ideal for hotels, gyms, and leisure centres, incredibly high traffic areas, minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19 while also remembering general cleaning requirements that maintain the appearance of the interior to ensure an attractive and welcoming design.

High-Rise Cleaning

Our high-rise cleaning system is one this professional cleaning company prides itself on. Like our window cleaning service, high-rise cleaning will provide better lighting inside the building, which can motivate employees while also enhancing the building's appeal. We have trained commercial cleaners who carry this out safely.

High-Pressure Water Cleaning

We provide high-pressure cleaning services, which is more effective at removing dirt and grime from driveways, decking, and walls. It enhances the appearance, but it also prevents rot and dampness from affecting the building. This reduces the risk of structural issues through a powerful deep clean process.

Government Building Cleaning

Government building cleaning is a popular service that keeps the country operating. From small government locations to the most famous buildings in Australia, we provide affordable cleaning services to government premises both inside and out. As commercial cleaners, we are experienced with all the cleaning demands we might encounter within a government building.

Medical Facility Cleaning

Whether you need ward COVID cleaners or a general medical cleaning service, our team of police checked professionals have the certifications that provide all our clients with essential peace of mind. We will treat the medical facility with respect and care, making sure not to disrupt residents or employees and sufficiently remove contaminated items and clean surfaces.

Why Choose Us

So why choose ComClean for your next office cleaning contract? Our cleaning team is proficient in many office cleaning tasks, with no job too large or too small. From regular cleaning to office furniture, adhering to COVID-19 hygiene requirements and even cleaning light switches, we can do it all.

We promise a professional cleaning approach, excellent service, and a fantastic job that will leave every surface, nook, cranny, and corner looking as good as new. This is thanks to our trained professionals who carry out every cleaning project in a professional manner to guarantee exceptional service delivery that ensures you remember our name. There is no company better for your office cleaning than ComClean Australia for a reliable service offering competitive prices.

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ComClean Australia understands the importance of a clean, gleaming office space. For all your commercial cleaning needs, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today for a Free Quote and learn more about the services we offer to businesses across Australia.

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