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Commercial Cleaning Newtown

Get professional, quality cleaning done with Comclean’s unmatched commercial cleaning service in Newtown.

Newtown is Sydney’s very own colourful and ethnically diverse city that bustles day and night with unexpected delights. Described as quirky and bohemian, Newtown is packed with iconic arts, theatre spaces, and vintage shopping spots. Newtown is where ethnic diversity meets culinary cool dotted with vibrant food and drinking scenes.
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Newtown with its many, many shopping strips, cafes, live entertainment and whatnot is the commercial hub of Sydney. Exciting new local businesses boom every day and Comclean is right by their side helping them keep their premises clean.

We have been serving the community of Newtown for over 18 years offering first-class commercial cleaning services. With the ability to tailor services to every client’s unique requirement, we can clean everything including commercial carpet cleaning, medical facility cleaning, sports centre cleaning and more. Well-trained in cleaning and up-to-date with the latest cleaning techniques in the industry, our team is the best of the best you can hire.
Coming with tested and tagged electrical equipment, colour-coded cleaning cloths and vacuums with 1-micron filters and a noise level of 72dba, Comclean’s commercial cleaners provide an eco-friendly service that is guaranteed to leave your space spotless and shining. If you are looking for a hassle-free clean, then Comclean is the way to go.

Why Hire Commercial Cleaners?

Reflect Professionalism

First impression is the best impression and let that first impression be a clean environment. A well-maintained office or business establishment is a sign of professionalism. Clean space means clean and trustworthy products and services. The sparkling clean that our commercial cleaners leave you with will definitely resonate with your customers and give them a reason to work with you.

Clean Environment, Higher Productivity

Say no to having your employees working in a stuffy environment filled with dust. Our commercial cleaners have the experience required to clean every corner of your premises and can turn any contaminated space into a fresh clean spot. Hire our commercial cleaners to clean your business establishment and notice a significant spike in productivity.

Healthy Environment, Healthy Employees

No more allergies, coughs or sick days! With commercial cleaners always on top of the cleaning, you will no longer have an unhealthy space that may affect your employees’ or customers’ health. With our valued team working to keep your office clean, your valued employees will no longer have to opt for sick days meaning you will be getting more work done.

Save Time & Money

Hiring professionals to do the cleaning means that you will have more time on your hands to focus on your business. A clean space means there is no dust or grime lingering or rotting away your furniture and destroying them eventually. Commercial cleaners will have your space cleaned to 100% perfection and save the money you may need in the long run to replace damaged assets.

Why Choose Comclean?

Strong Customer Focus

We value our customers and that is why we have a cleaning model that is specifically designed to ensure our customers are happy when we leave their premises. Our team’s dedication to providing the utmost customer satisfaction is the reason why most customers come back to us.

Experienced Cleaners

Being in the cleaning industry for over a decade, Comclean has established a name for itself and is the leading commercial cleaning business in Newtown. Combining our years of experience and wealth of knowledge, we deliver a spotless clean that makes us the preferred commercial cleaners. Our dedication to our customers and our top-notch cleaning services is why we are still around for over 18 years.

Friendly & Reliable Team

Creating long-lasting relationships across Newtown, Comclean has a friendly and reliable team who will always work together with you and ensure your premises is clean. We know the value of your time and will make sure we complete the job with minimal disruption. Working with Comclean means you will have your business cleaned by a friendly, reliable and professional team.

Licensed & Insured Services

Comclean provides licensed and insured services that adhere to Australian standards. Our team of cleaners have gone through extensive background checks, police checks and carry a blue card. We also have public liability insurance that covers all our cleaners.

Comclean’s Simply Spotless Clean

Looking for reliable commercial cleaners for your premises? Well, look no further than Comclean. Combining the latest cleaning methods and biodegradable products, we have developed a versatile approach to cleaning that is guaranteed to deliver results. We offer free quotes and provide cost-effective services, thus making us the most affordable commercial cleaner you can find.

Call Comclean today and let us keep your premises clean, inside and out.
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