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Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

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Commercial cleaning Melbourne - Comclean Australia specialises in Corporate cleaning services across various Industries in Melbourne. From Builder's Site Cleaning to Commercial Kitchen cleaning, we can provide office and commercial cleaning that meet your requirements. Our Commercial cleaners in Melbourne are available to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week - any time of day or night.

We make sure your office or business matches the thriving Melbourne culture and community by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company for your property. Comclean Australia is a reputable cleaning agency serving the entire Melbourne area.

We offer Office cleaning of all sizes, Schools and Daycare centres, Surgeries and Medical centres, Factories and Warehouses, Shopping centres and more.

We can tailor our services "commercial cleaning Melbourne" in regular cleaning to industrial kitchens, warehouses and factories. We also do one-off cleaning in office vacates, end of leases and detailed once per year clean. Our vast experience servicing Melbourne means we understand adjusting our schedule to work with your team and opening hours. 

Corporate Cleaning Melbourne - Are you looking for office cleaning services in Melbourne?

Comclean Australia provides a large variety of Corporate cleaning services. Our services are comprehensive, and we will work around your work schedule to give you results beyond your expectations at all levels. Contact us if you think your office needs cleaning. We'll help you. If you need our service for office or commercial cleaning, we are pleased to help. We are cleaning companies you can trust and provide exceptional customer service.

Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company in Melbourne

Comclean Australia understands the particular requirement and provides a tailored solution to ensure your perfect satisfaction. Comclean offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services, and based on your needs; you can choose a cleaning package that best fits you. Our experienced cleaners are fully trained and understand cleaning and hygiene procedures. We implement the latest safe cleaning techniques to achieve high-quality cleaning for all our customers. Looking for commercial cleaning in Melbourne, then contact us. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Office And Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

To accommodate a range of schedules, we have flexible scheduling. We have Commercial Cleaners Melbourne available for commercial cleaning 24/7 to ensure we meet your needs at the most convenient time for you. At Comclean Australia, we want to be your Melbourne commercial cleaning experts. We will clean whenever you would like us to.

Don't hesitate to contact our team today to learn more about what Comclean Australia can do for you. You can request a free quote or ask any questions you may have by filling out the form to the right. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you're looking for. We hope to hear from you soon!

Experienced Commercial Cleaners in Melbourne

With a staff of about 60 professional cleaners Melbourne, we have the resources to handle any commercial cleaning job, both big and small. To ensure consistently high standards, we provide our employees with a checklist detailing all the tasks they need to complete. You can count on our staff to arrive at your business or office on time and ready to work.
Comclean Australia in Melbourne provides all the necessary cleaning solutions and equipment free of charge. With our professional-grade cleaning products, we make your property shine. And a clean space means happier, healthier employees who take fewer sick days. Your clients will also be impressed when they walk into your immaculate business.
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Melbourne 

Our experienced Commercial Cleaners are specialised in Exhaust Cleaning and Canopy Cleaning. Call us to know more about the services we can offer.

Your Melbourne Office Cleanup with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


The chemicals we use are safe and environmentally friendly, so you can be confident that your employees and customers will not suffer ill effects. Even the vacuums we use are quiet and come with filters that can capture particles as small as one micron. Our Commercial cleaners Melbourne do everything they can to ensure minimal disruption to our clients.

In addition, you can rest assured that our business is insured with both public liability and workers cover. Read on to learn more about the commercial cleaning services we offer to clients across Melbourne.

Retail Cleaning in Melbourne
As an experienced provider of retail cleaning services, ComClean Australia has grown to become one of the prime cleaning contractors for facility cleaning in Melbourne.

Unique Cleaning Solutions

a clean retail space

Unique cleaning solutions can be formulated for all retail facilities with tailored solutions including custom dual logo uniforms, all inclusive servicing and subcontractor management.

Our operators are familiar in various methods of floor maintenance including water based surface sealers for terrazzo, marble and granite floors, penetrative sealer application and Twister polishing maintenance processes.

Supermarkets are a highly specialised field, requiring extensive resources, properly trained personnel and equipment.

To achieve the high standards that leading retailers expect, and at the cost effective rate that their highly competitive markets dictate, a service provider needs to be both highly efficient and highly specialised. ComClean Australia is such an organisation.

Servicing Melbourne

We proudly service many large centres in Melbourne.

End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

Steam cleaning, deodorising and sanitising.

ComClean Australia provides professional office carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne to meet your requirements.

We provide services for both commercial and residential premises.

Steam Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

After office carpet cleaning in Gold Coast

Our office carpet cleaning service teams are fully trained in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning and carpet stain removal. We use the latest in carpet cleaning equipment, materials and techniques to ensure your carpets retain their optimal colour and appearance.

The carpet cleaning method we use is hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. This method is recommended by almost every carpet manufacturer.

Servicing Melbourne

We can provide this service to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Industrial Cleaning in Melbourne
ComClean Australia provides industrial cleaning for all types of industries.

Site Cleaning and Factory Cleaning in Melbourne

a clean factory interior

From Builder's Site cleans to factory cleaning, we can provide cleaning services that meet your requirements.

Our cleaners are available to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - any time of day or night.

Make sure your staff have a clean, safe working environment and choose ComClean Australia to do the job right.

Servicing Melbourne

We provide industrial cleaning in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Window Cleaning in Melbourne
The appearance and cleanliness of your premises are critically important to you, your staff and your clients.

ComClean Australia provides professional, high-quality and safe window cleaning services for retail and commercial office buildings.

It's not just the glass, but the frames and surrounding surfaces.

Small Retail Units to Large Multi-story Buildings

clean windows

From small retail units to multi-story office blocks and buildings of any shape or size, we provide highly detailed window cleaning services.

We can design a practical and cost-effective window cleaning program that suits your needs and your budget. We will then deliver consistant, quality service.

Our highly trained staff will have your windows sparking clean.

Servicing Melbourne

We can provide this service to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

General Cleaning in Melbourne
How clean is your office or workplace looking?

Some people don’t give good cleaning the credit it deserves. We find that many employees of the businesses we serve don’t really acknowledge what goes into this service.
a clean office space

But you can be sure that when ComClean Australia is asked to do a job, we recognise exactly what goes into it. We recognise that we are performing a vital role in the running of that business, and how it looks to the public.

In this sense we treat all businesses in exactly the same way. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a workspace that the public doesn’t enter, or you oversee the running of a shopping complex. We can guarantee that we will give each and every task the same degree of attention and dedication no matter what area we enter. That’s what makes ComClean Australia one of the most successful commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne today.

More Than Just a Cleaning Company

Why should you choose us?

We always focus on the customer and their individual needs. We also apply our experience and strive to add to our knowledge at all times. We provide you with a competitive price and a commitment to meeting every one of your needs, right round the clock.

We are more than just a cleaning company. We work with you to ensure that your business has never looked better – and you can be sure that we will always keep that goal in mind.

ComClean Australia will also provide you with:

  • A commitment to quality at all times
  • Experienced staff members who receive regular training
  • Dedication in making sure all applicable Occupational Health and Safety laws are met and exceeded at all times

Servicing Melbourne

We can provide this service to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Bathroom & Toilet Cleaning in Melbourne
No matter whether you work with the general public or you are in an office with just a handful of other people all day, you will have bathrooms and toilets to take care of.

Keep Your Bathrooms & Toilets Clean & Hygienic

a clean public toilet

It’s vital to keep these particular areas looking their best at all times, and for obvious reasons. People don’t like using a bathroom that isn’t up to scratch when it comes to the issues of cleanliness and hygiene. We’ve all been faced with using bathrooms that aren’t very pleasant before – would you be happy for your clients or customers to use a bathroom that wasn’t up to your own high standards?

No matter how well trafficked they are, it’s essential that your bathroom services are good enough to cope. And that’s where ComClean Australia can make a real difference to how good your bathrooms look – no matter how many people might use them each day.

Servicing Melbourne

We can provide this service to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Leisure Cleaning in Melbourne
We understand that your leisure orientated premises must be totally hygienic and cleaned ready for your patrons on a daily basis.

We will work with you to ensure that we are delivering the exact service you need. We are flexible and we will cater to your business's requirements.

Servicing Melbourne

a clean gym

We can provide cleaning services to gyms, indoor sports centres, fitness facilities, training centres and other recreational facilities in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

High Rise Cleaning in Melbourne
We can tailor a cleaning package to suit an entire high-rise, multi-level, or even a strata-titled building, or selected areas within the building.
a clean gym

This can include a full cleaning service detailing everything including the car-park, exterior walls, windows, and full internal office cleaning, or any one of these.

Let us tailor a service to suit your buidling.

Servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas

We can provide cleaning services to high rise buildings in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

High Pressure Water Cleaning in Melbourne

A buildings appearance can affect customer's perceptions of your business. ComClean Australia can help your business maintain a clean exterior using high-pressure water cleaning.

high pressure water cleaning

High-pressure water cleaning can maintain a high quality finish on concrete, cement, stone, marble, brick, steel and other surfaces.

Our cleaners can provide services for all types of areas including drive-ways, foot-paths, walk-ways, walls, steps, decking, car parks, plant and machinery, statues, and more.

Servicing Melbourne

We can provide high pressure water cleaning services to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Government Building Cleaning in Melbourne

ComClean Australia provides cleaning services for government buildings and has all required qualifications, certifications and credentials.

government building cleaning

Servicing Melbourne

We can provide cleaning services to government buildings in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Medical Facility Cleaning in Melbourne

ComClean Australia provides services to various types of medical and care facilities in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

a clean hospital

Our staff are always conscious of client's specific needs and will operate according to your staff's schedule, visiting hours and other specific medical facility requirements.

Servicing Melbourne

We can provide cleaning services to medical facilities in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Office Cleaning in Melbourne
ComClean Australia provides professional service and attention to detail to meet your high standards.

Need office cleaning in Melbourne? ComClean Australia offers Melbourne offices a proven and professional service. We have the skills and resources to ensure absolute satisfaction. Specialising in commercial space, ComClean Australia is a diverse company providing a comprehensive service through a network of reliable office cleaners and modern equipment.

We can provide office cleaning services to Melbourne for corporate buildings, media agencies, advertising agencies, banks, and more.

at a clean company boardroom meeting a client shaking hands

Make a good impression on your visitors

A spotless and presentable environment gives your customers a good impression of your business when they first walk through that door.

a clean office with happy productive staff

A happy and productive work environment for your staff

Your staff and employees need a clean and comfortable working environment. A workspace free of clutter and distractions means they can be more efficient and productive.

a clean company boardroom

Your office cleaning needs

We will put together a package most suitable to you according to the size of your rooms and your office hours.

a clean company boardroom

Some common areas we take care of:

Common areas including floors, work areas, bins, reception area, kitchen, toilets, building entrance, and building exterior.

a clean company boardroom

Use of safe chemicals

  • We use green bio-degradable cleaning chemicals, MSDS available
  • We minimise our carbon footprint.
  • Our vacuums have a 72dba noise level, with 1 micron filters.
  • Our electrical equipment is tested and tagged.
a clean company boardroom

Compliance with industry standards

  • We use colour coded cloths compliant with Australian industry standards.
  • Our office cleaners have police reports and blue cards and the latest industry training.
  • Our office cleaners have the latest industry training in cleaning.
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