Common Cleaning Tasks

Common Cleaning Tasks

a clean company boardroom


We vacuum all floor areas including carpet areas, and then mop tiled, timber and vinyl floors.

Work areas

Desk tops, computer monitors, keyboards and chairs are wiped clean and disinfected with safe chemicals.

Bins emptied

Paper bins, kitchen bins, recycling bins. No-body likes taking out the trash so leave it to us. We empty all bins and then line them with fresh bin liners.

Reception area

Magazines stacked away, coffee/tea area washed up and stored neatly.


Sink and bench wiped clean and disinfected. We also wash up and store away any dirty coffee cups, mugs, plates, bowls and cutlery. Dining area tables and chairs. New tea towels and serviettes.


Toilet floors, cubicles, sinks, mirrors and bins. Replacing new toilet supplies such as soap, hand towels and toilet rolls.

Building entrance

Signs, windows and doors cleaned, lobby and halls spotless. Sparkling glass and polished floors will certainly give your customers a good impression.

Building exterior

Driveway swept, car park cleared of leaves and rubbish.

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