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How a Commercial Cleaning Service Can Help You Exterminate Pests

Photo for How a Commercial Cleaning Service Can Help You Exterminate Pests

The first step to tackling any pest problem is to call in an exterminator, but if you want to make sure those bothersome invaders stop coming back, you may need the help of someone else: commercial cleaners.

Here's how a regular cleaning service will help you keep pests at bay once and for all.

Cleaners Get Into Every Nook

Pests tend to invade and infest properties for one purpose: finding food. If you can't see any food residue anywhere, you might be wondering why the pests kept coming back. However, the truth is that it's what you don't see that's the problem.

Food crumbs can get caught in the smallest of nooks and crannies. Seemingly empty snack packets get left in desk drawers, crumbs get caught in keyboards when staff eat over their laptops and tons more food particles get swept into corners, behind furniture or along baseboards.

If you're asking your non-janitorial staff members to keep the building clean, it's likely that they're missing all these nooks. This neglect creates dozens of food havens for pests all throughout your property. Whether it's because they don't know where to look or they're just not serious enough about hygiene, leaving cleaning duties to your employees is a recipe for an infestation.

Specialist commercial cleaners, on the other hand, are experienced in finding and sanitising all these missed pockets of food. Using the services of a cleaning company will ensure that pests won't find anything to eat and thrive on your premises.

Cleaners Use the Best Products

Not all cleaning supplies are made equal. Even if you have a few reasonably competent cleaners in your staff body, they're most likely using the typical cleaning products you'd find in any supermarket.

While these sponges, mops, disinfectants and bleaches are usually sufficient for households, they may not be strong enough to adequately clean up the food crumbs, spills and bacteria produced by dozens (or even hundreds) of employees and customers every single day.

Professional cleaners are well-versed in the world of cleaning tools and chemicals, so they know which ones work best. They also know when to switch between equipment types and fluid brands to get every area of your property as clean as it needs to be, from the kitchen to the bathrooms.

Cleaners Are Regular and Thorough

Alongside getting into every nook and cranny with top-notch cleaning supplies, professional commercial cleaners are also regular and thorough. Unlike your current employees who need to balance cleaning with their work duties, keeping your business spick and span is the only thing a cleaning service will focus on.

This means they can clean more regularly and thoroughly than your staff do now. Frequent, deep cleans will ensure that your business is spotless at all times, so pest problems never have a chance to take hold.

On top of that, since commercial cleaning companies pay such close attention to every part of your premises, they're also more likely to spot sites where pests could get into the building (such as cracks and holes in walls). This will allow you to get damaged areas repaired before any pests use them as a gateway.

If you want a commercial cleaning service to help you exterminate your pest problem for good, get in touch with our experienced and professional janitorial specialists at ComClean Australia.

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