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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Carpet

You've invested a lot of money in your new office. You repainted the walls. You updated the plumbing. And you installed new carpet. These installs and upgrades make your building look professional and inviting, and you hope that they'll last you for several years at least.
Photo for 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Carpet
But as your staff file in for the day, you can't help but notice a distinct trail of dirt, mud and debris following behind them. Though your carpet is new, it seems to have aged several years in just a few hours.

What can you do to prevent further damage to your flooring?

1. Clean Your Sidewalks and Parking Lots

To protect the inside of your building (and subsequently your carpet), you need to start with the outside. If your sidewalks, pathways or parking
lots have mud or dirt, you can bet that your staff will bring the mess inside with them.
So start by regularly sweeping the pathways that lead to your front door, and talk to a professional about maintaining your grounds. If you notice
some areas that refuse to drain after a storm, you may need to hire a landscaper to address the problem.

2. Invest in Furniture Coasters or Caster Cups

Office chairs, tables, couches and cubicles typically have thin, narrow legs that dig into your flooring. And every time you shift your furniture, those
sharp edges can snag the fibres and pull your carpet apart.
To redistribute the weight and minimise snagging, invest in furniture coasters, or caster cups. Though many homeowners use these devices to
protect hardwood flooring, you can use them to protect your commercial carpeting, too. Simply slide the cup or coaster under each leg of your
furniture to cushion your flooring.

3. Rotate Your Furniture Every Few Months

When you decorated your office, you took care to arrange your furniture so your pieces maximised your walking space. The room felt balanced,
and you love how coordinated the final results looked.
But though you may have achieved perfect office feng shui, keep in mind that you should rearrange your furniture every few months. The longer
your heavier pieces stay in the same place, the more their weight presses down into your new carpet. Eventually, the furniture will crush your
carpet's fibres, leaving unsightly dips and divots in your flooring.
So feel free to explore different furniture arrangements in your office. Though you may feel attached to your building's current look, you may
stumble across several new designs that you and your clients love.

4. Hire Professional Commercial Cleaners

Frequent vacuuming can remove the surface dust and dirt from your carpet. And when you vacuum on a regular basis, you can keep your
commercial flooring looking neat and professional.
However, ordinary vacuums aren't always strong enough to remove mud and debris once it has settled deep into the fibres and carpet padding.

If you want a thorough clean that keeps your carpet looking like new, you need to hire a professional steam cleaner.

Steam cleaning doesn't just suction away surface dirt-it kills germs, sanitises your fibres and deodorises your flooring. The water reaches deep
into your flooring, effectively loosening dust, debris and stains. And the powerful motor suctions away allergens and pollutants that could
otherwise aggravate your employees' asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Save Money on Your Carpet
When you follow these four steps, you can keep your carpet looking vibrant and new for years. Though some of the steps involve a minor
investment, the money you spend now could save you thousands of dollars on replacement carpet.

For more tips on keeping your office clean and professional, check our blog for frequent updates and advice.
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