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4 Reasons Why Your Factory Needs Professional Cleaning

While food production plants do need to be especially hygienic, it can be hard to keep other industrial workplaces, such as manufacturing facilities, as clean.

Factories often take on dirty work, making them hard to keep clean all the time. While you may encourage people to clean up spills and to sweep the factory floor every day, you may not do much more than this on a regular basis.

However, there are advantages to hiring professional cleaners to come regularly to your factory. Here are just four of those benefits.

1. Avoid Health and Safety Problems

Employers are responsible for health and safety in the workplace. This applies to keeping a clean environment just as much as it does to making sure that your machinery is maintained, and your workers are trained to use it safely.

If your factory isn't kept clean, then employee safety could be compromised. This doesn't just affect your workers; it also hits your bottom line.

For example, if you have an oil spill on the floor that isn't cleaned up correctly and one of your staff slips and falls, then they could be badly hurt. Or, if your kitchen and toilet facilities aren't kept clean, then people may pick up bugs and germs.

If people can't work because of injury or illness, then you have to cover the costs of any time they're not at work. You may need to hire additional staff or to pay overtime to pick up the slack. Employees could also take legal action against you if you didn't take due care to protect their health and safety.

If you hire professional cleaners to come in and do general cleaning regularly, then these problems are less likely to happen.

2. Protect Your Equipment

If your working areas aren't kept clean, then dust and debris may damage your machinery and equipment. For example, if dust gets into your machines regularly, then they may suffer from fatigue.

Dust particles can also damage parts of a machine or stop it working to full capacity. If dust gets hot, it may put machinery under undue stress.

If this happens, your machinery and equipment is likely to need more maintenance and repairs than it should. You may have outages that affect your ability to deliver to deadline. Ultimately, some pieces may fail and need replacement sooner than you budgeted for.

Regular cleaning keeps dust and debris in your factory to a minimum. While your workers still need to keep machinery clean, they won't have to deal with environmental dust particles as much.

3. Improve Morale and Productivity

If people are happy at work, then they are more productive. However, people don't tend to be happy working in unnecessarily dirty conditions. While your staff understand that your factory isn't a pristine environment, they will be happier if you make efforts to keep things clean and tidy.

This is especially important in communal areas like kitchens and toilets. While you can reasonably expect employees to clean up after themselves, it's not their job to keep things clean generally.

Having a cleaning company come in to clean communal as well as work areas helps build a better work environment.

4. Make the Right Impression

If customers visit your factory, then you want to make a good impression. You don't want them to see a messy or unhygienic site. This doesn't make you look professional. Customers won't get the best impression of your company, and an untidy site may put them off doing business with you.

This problem is easily avoided if you bring in cleaners regularly to keep the site spick and span. Comclean Australia offers a full range of industrial cleaning services for factories of all sizes and types. We can even clean during the night or at weekends if you prefer not to have cleaning staff on site during operating hours. To find out more, get in touch.

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